Friday, May 17, 2013


       So the powerball has grown to 600 million dollars right now and by the time the drawing is pulled on Saturday night we may have a new record. Now everyone knows the odds are 1 in 175 million or something but who cares.I play every week in a work pool. But when the prize gets this high I open it up to everybody. It is amazing to see the mood of people change when they dream about "what could be." Of course we discuss how much is needed to retire, what is your first purchase, where do you move, what vacations, and all kinds of exotic plans. Then there are the entrepreneurs who talk about what business they will start. We also discus our planed humanitarian acts and everything we will be doing for family members.
      It's a good study in what a little bit of good thinking can do for you. The day goes fast, things that might get tedious and annoying don't seem so bothersome, and you are more likely to greet other people with a smile. . . .Why?  Because you feel better.
First I must be responsible
Pay off mortgage
Pay off student loans
Pay off Meg's student loans
Pay off Mom's mortgage

Now I get to play
69 mustang convertible red
69 mustang convertible midnight blue for mom
Kruggerand for Meg

Of course there are also college funds for children I know, and donations to my alma maters, and other various friends who I would just give money to because I have it and they are my friends.

      What it comes down to is that powerball, for me, is a cheap 72 hour vacation. I get to vacation in my mind with all the many possibilities of what I can do with the money. Not a bad trip for a two dollar investment. And when the drawing is pulled and I didn't win, cause really I have a better chance of being attacked by a shark in Arizona, I am not let down because the whole time I am dreaming I know I won't win. I know the odds are seriously stacked against me. But then that optimism slips in and I realize that everyone who has won in the past knew they weren't going to win too.

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