Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Long Drive and the Superbowl

So itinerary for tomorrow:

5 am go to work
12 noon leave work and pick up mini van then load up van and go to sleep
7pm wake up
8pm head out!

12 noon arrive in TN and unload mini van (and build chairs for den/library)
2pm go to sleep
12 midnight get up and start driving back to NY

6pm get home.

Let's see how close to this I actually get.

Now normally this drive will happen between Friday -Sunday instead of Thursday- Saturday. But we planned it a day early to see how we feel after the trip since we would have to go to work normally on the day after. But this has another good result. . . . . . .

Sunday is the superbowl   :-) Soooooo Raven's or 49er's hmmmmmmmm. I just hope we see a good game. The playoffs have been spectacular let's finish on a great note!

See ya'll on Sunday!

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